Our Mission

The mission of Career Technical Education (CTE) is to ensure that every citizen of New Hampshire graduates from high school, college and career ready.

CTE helps students gain the skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience they need to prepare for high-skill, high-demand, high-wage careers. CTE is organized by a national framework called Career Clusters, which presents a complete range of related career options to students of all ages, helps them discover their interests and passions, and empowers them to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and their chosen career.

Program Offerings

College Credit at Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School provides dual enrollment credit courses to juniors and seniors providing them the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school. These courses are taught by qualified Portsmouth High School teachers using the syllabi and text of the corresponding course offered at the credit granting institution. Students may earn up to 3 college credits at the same time as earning high school credit. Students must make the commitment to take the courses as college courses at the start of the course and pay the tuition fee. Tuition is offered at a significant discount. Students successfully completing the high school course receive dual credit; high school credit and college credit at the same time.

Currently, we offer three Running Start courses through Great Bay Community College and two courses through Southern New Hampshire University.

The following courses are dual enrollment courses:

Great Bay Community College

Introduction to Business


Southern New Hampshire University

Culinary Arts II- Culinary Skills & Procedures

Education & Teacher Training

Click here to download the College Credit Brochure

Career Services

CTE Study Skills | Seminar Based Activities | Career and College Planning | Career Preparation | Work-Based Learning Activities

Cooperative Education

The cooperative education program provides on-the-job experience that is supplemental to classroom and laboratory instruction.

Work Education

The work education program is designed for any student who requests credit for part time employment and is not eligible for cooperative education credit.


Our internships provide students with hands-on , true to life, work experience to strengthen their job skills and build their resume.

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