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James Casella graduated from UTI Automotive Technology with Mercedes Benz Elite Start and Nissan NATT. He also received 5 awards:

Excellence In Attendance

Commitment to Excellence

Student of the Course

Honor’s List Alpha Beta Kappa

Director’s Honor’s List

I just have to give him credit….he woke up every day at 4:45am to go to morning classes at UTI. After class everyday he left UTI to drive to Danvers to work at Ira Subaru till 7pm. He worked about 32 hours a week. His Dad and I are very proud of him!

I was a student at Portsmouth High School when I signed up to take a culinary arts course in the vocational department.  I thought at the time that learning how to cook would be a great way to impress the ladies.  This was my junior year and it was also the first year for new instructor Diane Canada.  Chef Diane was an alumnus of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and had a very distinguished resume in the hospitality field.  I knew nothing about the CIA, and I had no idea what kind of life changing events were to come my way via chef.  Just imagine having a room full of sarcastic kids who treated this class like a study hall, and that was the environment that Chef Diane had deal with.  Most teachers would have dismissed every student one by one until nobody was left…but not chef, she broke through each kids individual wall to develop personal relationships.  This was my first experience understanding that cooking side by side with someone required trust & loyalty.

I was working in downtown Portsmouth as a dishwasher to make money on the side.  After having been intrigued with cooking I begged my boss to let me cook a couple shifts a week.  My boss contemplated the decision for a few months before he decided to allow me to run the pantry.  I began producing salads, pizza’s, and stocking the station for lunch & dinner service.  I grew up fast, and began managing Sunday Brunch shifts, and competing in state culinary competitions.  I earned a silver medal at the NH state finals.  It was at this point that I knew I had found something that made me feel proud with a sense of direction.  With the guidance of Chef Diane, I attended the Culinary Institute of America in to Hyde Park, NY.

Chef Morse is currently  Executive Sous Chef of the luxury Grand Geneva Resort just outside of Chicago in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Kevin Rossi, a former three sport varsity athlete at Portsmouth High School, graduated from Portsmouth High in 2012. He immediately went on to the University of New Hampshire to what was once the Whitmore School of Business, now the Peter T. Paul College School of Business, to study finance. In 2016 Kevin graduated from the University of New Hampshire with bachelor’s degrees in Finance as well as Information Systems. After completing his undergraduate degree at UNH he decided to stay for his Masters.  In May 2017, he earned his M.S. in Analytics. Keeping true to his New England roots, Kevin took a job in the Boston area as a Data Analyst. He has recently come back to speak to students about what to expect in college and how to best prepare for a career after graduation.

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