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Students interested in pursuing careers in architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, urban planning, landscape design and real-estate would benefit from courses offered in the Architecture/Design-Build Program. The Architecture/Design-Build Program combines manual drawing and modeling skills with computer design and presentation skills in order to prepare students for life in an ever-changing technological society. These courses are conducted in a studio environment that replicates collegiate and industry design environments and exposes students to the variety and scope of skills, concepts and methods utilized in the creation of architecture. Not all students enrolled in architecture courses are interested in becoming architects; many students choose to explore courses offered in the Architecture/Design-Build Program as electives based on personal interests or to satisfy graduation requirements. However, students interested in college majors and careers such as architecture, engineering and construction may earn a two-year program certificate of completion in Architecture/Design-Build by following a course  track that culminates with the program capstone course; Design Studio.

Steve Jones: Architecture/Design-Build Instructor

Steve started at PHS in 1989. He is the Architecture and Engineering Design Instructor. He began his career at PHS teaching Construction Trades and Woodworking before becoming the Architecture and Engineering Instructor. He has owned and operated a design-build company for 25 years specializing in remodeling and interior finish carpentry. Steve possesses critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as extensive knowledge in computer design and modeling, residential construction and woodworking. Steve’s mission is to provide students with the skills to teach themselves.

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Professions in architecture involve everything that influences the way in which the built environment is planned, designed, made, used and maintained. Architectural Design exposes students interested in design related careers to the skills used to effectively communicate design solutions in the creation of architecture.

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