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About the Program

The Computer Science/Programming Program prepares students to create code using a number of languages.  The four semester-long courses are offered as Running Start courses through Great Bay Community College. All courses taught at Portsmouth High School

Earn 12 College Credits (4 courses-3 credits per course)
 CIS 112 Object Oriented Programming
 CIS 148 Intro to Java
 CIS 124 Web Development
 CIS 177 Intro to Python

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Gordon Reynolds: Computer Science/Programming

Gordon began his computer career in the late nineties as a Web Programmer during the early boom of the web.  After working for a few different programming companies for the first seven years of his career, he started his own Web Development business in 2007.  Gordon has a Bachelor of Science degree in IT, and a Webmaster’s Certificate from the University of Cincinnati.  He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of NH .

In 2014, Gordon started his teaching career at Pittsfield High School in Pittsfield Mass. as the Computer Science Instructor.  In 2017, he and his wife moved to the Portsmouth area. Gordon really enjoys teaching and sharing his passion for computer science with students and is really looking forward to building the new Computer Science Program at Portsmouth High School Career Technical Center.

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Education Courses

Introduction to Computer Science – Course #649

Object Oriented Programming – Course #689 (prerequisite for course #650, 651 and 690)

Intro to Python – Course #650

Web Development I – Course #651

Intro to Java – Course #690

Units of Study

Windows Basics Overview

Infinite Campus

Google Apps Basics

Computer History

Privacy & Security

Binary & Hexadecimal Numbers



Virtual Computer Build

App Inventor

Web Development

Options for Continuing Education

University of New Hampshire

Great Bay Community College

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