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Portsmouth Career Technical Center Career Services has a College and Career Readiness Coordinator located in the Guidance suite to assist students with college and career planning, college applications, career assessments, resume writing, job searches and Work Education credit. 

Career Services also offers:

CTE Study Skills: Academic study and organizational skills course for students enrolled in 2-year or exploratory CTE courses. Course also incorporates all aspects of career and college planning.

Seminar-based activities: Collaboration units with Guidance and Academic Departments, career units for 2-year state sanctioned CTE programs, guest speakers from industry and recruitment tours of CTE programs for grades 8-10.

Career and college planning: Assessment testing and career interest inventories, career and college resumes and local CTE scholarship assistance.

Career preparation: Resume, cover letter, job application assistance and student job board.

Work-based learning activities and Cooperative/Work Education Programs such as those described below

Work Education

The Work Education Program is designed for any student who requests credit for part-time employment and is not eligible for Cooperative Education credit. This experience is monitored and evaluated by school staff and employers. Student can earn 1/4 credit toward graduation for each nine weeks (one academic quarter) of successful work experience. Evaluation forms are completed by the work education coordinator at the end of each quarter.

Career Interest Internships

Internships provide a valuable learning opportunity for Portsmouth High School students. Students are able to leave the school for half of the day and work with a community partner in their career interest field. This provides students with hands-on, true to life work experience to strengthen their job skills and build their resume. These internships are highly selective and must be referred to the CTE Director by either a teacher or guidance counselor. Referral does not guarantee acceptance.

Career Services at Portsmouth High School provides services to all students interested in preparing and planning their futures. Any student may visit Career Services to investigate careers, colleges, evaluate occupational interest and aptitude and explore workplace opportunities.

Contact Nicole Bellabona for more information.

Nicole R. Bellabona, M.Ed., GCDF

Nicole strongly believes in the power of applied learning, career readiness, and imbedding 21st Century skill attainment into the K-12 curriculum to most effectively prepare students for career and college pathways.  Her experience spans over the past 20 years in a variety of roles that include teaching, academic advising, facilitating work-based (WBL) and extended learning opportunities (ELO), and connecting with the employment community with a focus on STEM workforce development.  Nicole received her M.Ed. from UNH and Graduate Certification in Training and Development/Human Resources from SNHU.  Most recently, she was part of the Career Development Bureau team at the NH Department of Education helping to support Career and Technical Education statewide.  She is eager to join the PHS team to help students explore career interests and facilitate workforce, CCSNH and community connections that will expand learning opportunities for students.

For her full bio:

Call her at: (603) 436‐7100 x2935 or email her at:  

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